The first people to live here were the ancestors of today’s Native Americans. There is evidence of people here back to the late Paleo-Indian or early Archaic Indian time period, or approximately 8500 – 8000 BC. Settlement in surrounding towns began as early as 1828, but the first pioneer of Fowlerville did not come until a little bit later. Fowlerville’s first pioneer was Ralph Fowler in 1836 and was later named after him in 1853 and incorporated in 1871. During the nineteenth century, Fowlerville was assumed to be an open ground of farming land. Fowlerville still remains an agricultural society today. Although, after the nineteenth century we started to see the formation of businesses in the surrounding area, which still holds true for the community today. Arguably the most famous person from the Fowlerville area was Detroit Tigers Hall of Famer Charlie Gehringer, who played for the Tigers from 1924 to 1942.

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